About Maija Dobele

My name is Maija Dobele. I’m organisational development consultant and expert in Human Resource field. I have gained experience as consultant as well as acting as HR director being a part of the management team mainly in periods of change and fast development. In my trainer and consultant experience I use couching, supervision and systemic approach methods. 


Lately I have supported my clients in remuneration, performance appraisal, learning & development, knowledge management, organisational design processes as well as developed and facilitated talent and leadership development programmes. My experience tells me is that blended approach often works the best. It is the most effective way to balance costs and involve all levels of employees in learning process.

It is very important to see overall picture to include all essential elements and choose the best method that works for the result. My passion is to work with leaders and support them in organisational development.

More about my experience in my Linkedin profile.


Being mother of three children, I am learning and searching my internal balance between all my important roles every day. I enjoy long walks and hiking – I dream to walk around the coast of the Baltic Sea. Active and creative lifestyle drives me also to take new quotes and explore new fields also in my consultancy and training projects. I wish good luck also to you to live life your dream!